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        Service Online

        HOT NEWS:
        ZhuHai ZhiSheng Plastic Products Co.,Ltd.
        Zhuhai City heliport plastic products Co. Ltd., located in the beautiful coastal city, east of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao high-speed, Zhongshan, Dongguan, Shenzhen, west of the western high speed road, Shunde, Nanhai, Foshan, Guangzhou, convenient transportation, the Pearl River delta formation way within 1 hours of arrival, is a division I specializing in the production of plastic, folding box packaging products company, R & D, design, production, production, sales and service as a whole.

        The company hired a number of senior technical personnel, production workshop for 1000 clean workshop, through the ISO9001 quality system and QS certification, with advanced high precision three blister machine, double cylinder and double cylinder four precision cutting machine 3, a version of the machine, folding machine. Cylinder, leveling film laminating machine, automatic glue box machine and other supporting equipment. Products are widely used in digital electronic products, small household electrical appliances, children's toys, stationery, health care drugs, sports goods, daily necessities, hardware fittings, snack food, injection trays, etc..
        【View Details>>】
        COMPANY NAME:ZhuHai ZhiSheng Plastic Products Co.,Ltd. ADDRESS:Building 9, No.5, Tian Xin Industrial Zone, Fuxi village, XiangZhou, ZhuHai
        TEL:(+86)-0756-8508652 E-MAIL:sales@zstray.cn
        CopyRight © zstray.cn All Rights Reserved
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